1. Allie Duda

  2. Matthew Cosby

  3. Leslie Inman

  4. Tracey N. Freeman

  5. Who is that in the window below?

  6. Sneak peek at our show!

  7. Our final project for Studio Lighting Class.  We had to visually portray a “concept” based on a paragraph that was randomly chosen. Using all we had learned in class, of course!  THANKS JASON!!!

    Our pick was: “The past several days passed endlessly since the Screaming Eagle motorcycle gang rode into Maggie’s life, leaving her studded with more excitement than she had ever known with Stanley, yet exposing her to a dreadful life-style which shook the very foundations of her Southern Baptist upbringing.”  Frank Adams III

  8. Searching the prop closet in preparation for the studio lighting final shoot!


  10. "I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them."
    — Diane Arbus
  11. © 2012 Leslie Inman

    lighting still lifes in Studio Lighting Class

  12. © 2012 Leslie Inman

    Studio Lighting Class - lighting for still lifes

  13. Miss. Cookie Hamilton supervises our editing process from within her box.


  14. "The key is to not let the camera, which depicts nature in so much detail, reveal just what the eye picks up, but what the heart picks up as well."
    — Paul Caponigro
  15. more fun with speedlites!